Laravel PHP Framework Tutorial - Full Course for Beginners (2019)

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Learn Laravel 5.8 by creating an Instagram clone in this full tutorial course for beginners. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework used for creating web applications.


Course Contents
(0:00) Introduction
(1:14) What is Laravel?
(2:07) Installing Laravel
(5:30) First look at the project
(7:15) Intro to php artisan
(11:42) Generating login flow with make:auth
(12:04) Setting Up the Front End with Node and NPM
(20:00) Migrations and Setting Up SQLite
(26:00) Designing the UI from Instagram
(42:12) Adding Username to the Registration Flow
(58:35) Creating the Profiles Controller
(1:04:00) RESTful Resource Controller
(1:09:10) Passing Data to the View
(1:10:20) Adding the Profiles Mode, Migration and Table
(1:17:30) Adding Eloquent Relationships
(1:28:10) Fetching the Record From The Database
(1:30:00) Adding Posts to the Database & Many To Many Relationship
(2:04:24) Creating Through a Relationship
(2:08:12) Uploading/Saving the Image to the Project
(2:19:19) Resizing Images with Intervention Image PHP Library
(2:27:42) Route Model Binding
(2:31:48) Editing the Profile
(2:46:46) Restricting/Authorizing Actions with a Model Policy
(2:54:50) Editing the Profile Image
(3:00:00) Automatically Creating A Profile Using Model Events
(3:12:56) Default Profile Image
(3:19:48) Follow/Unfollow Profiles Using a Vue.js Component
(3:31:28) Many To Many Relationship
(3:46:33) Calculating Followers Count and Following Count
(3:48:55) Laravel Telescope
(3:51:44) Showing Posts from Profiles The User Is Following
(4:01:03) Pagination with Eloquent
(4:03:25) N + 1 Problem & Solution
(4:05:21) Make Use of Cache for Expensive Query
(4:11:44) Sending Emails to New Registered Users
(4:21:51) Wrapping Up
(4:22:37) Closing Remarks & What’s Next In your Learning

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